Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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Rick Newman, Midterm Election, Impact Your Finances
The 2018 midterm elections played out almost as expected, but its outcome may significantly influence the future course of the U.S. economy and your finances.

2019’s Health Insurance Plans Offer More Options, So Choose Wisely

More players have entered the health insurance marketplace, leading to lower price increases and better plans, so choose wisely this Open Enrollment season.

Why Rising Healthcare Costs Are A Uniquely American Problem

Healthcare costs are still out of control. Here's how this uniquely American problem has been concocted by insurers and healthcare providers alike.

Black Flags, Blue Waters: How Piracy Has Shaped American History

America's historic role fighting piracy isn't totally innocent as Eric Dolin reminds us in his book, Black Flags, Blue Waters: The Epic History of America's Most Notorious Pirates.


Steve Pomeranz, Top Investors

The 12 Most Vital Insights From The World’s Top Investors

Continuing with our "World's Greatest Investors" series, we highlight key insights from the world's top investors.

Warren Buffett’s Lasting Influence On Investors 

Warren Buffett is an investing great who has deeply influenced and enriched people’s lives in ways that go well beyond money and investing.

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With more homes for sale, the housing market is downshifting to favor buyers. With more competition, heed Terry's tips on pricing your home for a quick sale.


The sharp, steady rise in home prices appears to have peaked.  Will rising interest rates sabotage the housing market or is it just a healthy part of the business cycle?



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